As I walked away

As I walked away from the Summit meeting that ended at 6:30 or so I was told that this year was already better than last year. I know that the guys are doing a great job with the music thanks to Philip Bassham. I know that Brother Tony’s message was right on target.

The plea is out from Aaron to get people to the seven key cities of Morocco to begin an all out offensive to get the gospel to that great country. Jeff Bush preached with power! Charles Blackstock explained the call of God and how we are to get involved in the work. It was a great evening.

I am excited to see people slipping off to pray, to talk about world evangelism, and to do what they can to find out more about working to get the gospel to the world.

It is our prayer that everyone including me step it up a notch to do more for God than we have ever done before.

Pray for us tomorrow

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