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I just read one of the most beautiful posts that I have ever read! Julio and Joy Soncco are your missionaries in Arequipa, Peru. I know that they are my kids but I couldn’t help but feel a sweet and wonderful Christ-like Christmas feeling. Here is there post:

I would like to share with you what the Lord did in our lives yesterday. A few weeks ago my wife and I felt that the Lord had put on our hearts to put other first by being a help to some poor children on the outsides of Arequipa, one of the poorest sections here. Where there is no water and no electricity. So we decided to go out and do a common thing that is done here at Christmas time which is to give them some hot chocolate with a kind of sweet bread they have here. We planned on making enough for 600 people. So Saturday morning my wife and mom were up at 4 a.m. making hot chocolate and a lot of it to take out to the needed people.

The most important part of it though, was not only to give them something to drink and eat, but we took advantage and took 3 young people from our church along with us, they dressed up as clowns to play with the children so they could have a good time. The greatest part of it all was that we were able to take that time and share the gospel with them, we handed out gospel tracts, gave away some Bibles and were able to lead some people to the Lord.

I would like to encourage you to put others first and be a blessing to someone else. We were able to learn a great lesson and we felt a joy that only God can give you when you do something for Him.

God Bless you

Julio Soncco

Click here to see the photos of this special work

I thank God for people that learn the real meaning of Christmas. These kids live on very little support–actually about 20% of a regular missionary at the most but check out what they did. I hope you are proud of your missionaries and that some from our church might send them a note and tell them about what you think about what God led them to do.

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