Wonderful Christmas on the Northside

Well tonight was wonderful. The service started at 5 pm. God gave us another member and someone to be baptized. David Clapp was baptized tonight. God has blessed the Clapp family and all 5 of the family have now accepted Jesus Christ and followed him in baptism.

Then we had 160 come to church tonight between the Spanish service and the English service. At least 20 people arrived late and so our total for the event was 180 people. There were 5 professions of faith in the Spanish service and one in English that I was able to lead to Christ after the service.

Then what can I say. The music was just super excellent and I believe that the Lord Jesus was magnified. The message was on Jesus Christ being God in human flesh. The truths of those verses were greatly impressed on our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

Can I say how much I love all of you and how hard you work. You guys did a jam up job. You were working before the service, after the service, during the service I mean God used you and I thank you.

I told the Lord that I was the most blessed man in the universe–I am saved, I have the most wonderful wife and family but on top of all that I am privileged to work with you. I love watching the way you react when I am preaching. I love watching the way you love others–wow. All I can say that I love God and I love each of you.

We had over 30 first time visitors from the area tonight. If all the Spanish people would have gotten here on time I think that might have broken 50–amen.

The bobsleds, the snow, the horses, the fires and marsh mellows, the cider, well everything was just over the top.

You know what maybe is the greatest thing as a pastor (and maybe a confession of my laziness) is that I simply showed up and the most wonderful staff and team did it all. You guys are the greatest. You are my crown and my joy.

I saw part of the dream come true tonight. I can’t wait to see what all God has for us in 2008.

Now comes Christmas and I wish you the most Merry Christmas ever!

Then starting Thursday we have the Summit. I can’t wait. Here it is one thing after another–what a privilege to serve God together–did I tell you how much I love God, our church, and each of you??

Merry Christmas

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