Well I slept on it and I am still amazed

I am amazed that God gave us 30 first time visitors from the area! I stand amazed that 3 people were baptized and became members of our church! I stand amazed that we had 160 in the evening service with at least 180 showing up for the activities afterwards. I stand amazed that there were 6 professions of faith in the services.

But most of all I stand amazed at how hard each of you worked. I know you killed yourself bringing visitors, setting up games, being friendly, praying, taking care of children and just working yourself to death.

I wish there were a way that I could express my gratitude and praise first to God and second to each of you for all that you have done to give us a wonderful year. You are indeed my Christmas gift from the Lord after my salvation

I watched you running around, getting there early, staying late, cleaning, setting up and taking down. What can I say–I am still enjoying Christmas on the Northside just thinking of all the things that you did.

We love you and God bless you.

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