Welcome our newest members

Well this morning was just one of those days. Many of our people were out of town but God gave us a great attendance anyway! Sam Paxin got baptized today and became a member of Vision Baptist Church! Also Gertrudes Sanabria was baptized and there is another new member to the Lord’s church.

Be sure and congratulate them both. The good news is that another, Lord willing, is scheduled to be baptized tonight! That is going to make for a wonderful evening already.

It was a pleasure to have the Rollan Roberts family with us this morning and they too plan, Lord willing, to be with us again tonight. Others were in from out of town and that is always a blessing to have them with us.

It was beautiful to have a baptism service, the message from God’s Word, great music, and then the Lord’s supper! Another great blessing and privilege was that by the end of the service we had the Spanish ministry, the children’s church, and the regular adult service all together. It was wonderful.

Well I am excited about what is going to happen tonight and can’t wait. God bless you very much and Betty and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

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