Merry Christmas

Well today is our Christmas Sunday. It is raining and that is a gift from God. He has been so good to us. Actually Betty and I were born in 1954 and that is the driest year on record for our area and so I would like to see God keep it that way. If He wants to send us enough rain to not let this be the record year then our birth year will still be the famous one.

Now this morning is going to be fun. I am preaching about the Worshipping Wise Men. I think there is much that we can learn about worship from these wise men. I am looking forward to preaching the Word of God to God’s people today.

Lord willing we will also be baptizing several, as many as 3, and then the Lord’s supper. We want to remember that this is about Jesus Christ. Though the world my move to Happy Holidays, and Season’s Greetings for me this will always be the time to remember that Jesus came into this world to be born, live and die so that people could be saved.

Tonight is our supper special Christmas celebration. It will be fun but most importantly you must invite people to be with us at 5 pm for the preaching of God’s word. We will see how that the Jesus of Bethlehem was really the preexistent Christ, who was and is and always will be. Jesus is not the baby but God. Wow. Worship Him that is come from glory.

No matter the results from today we must remember that we seek to honor Him and we do what we can for Him and His kingdom and we wait to see if He will work. It is He and it is all of Him. If anything happens it will be God. If new people come it will not be the activity or your work but the grace of God.

Let us work like it all depended upon us and trust like it all depends on Him. Let us seek to honor and glorify our God. I am very excited to try and get people to Jesus.

Today is already a success because we have sought to honor God. He will be glorified and we will be blessed.

I hope you have the best Christmas ever as you seek to honor and glorify Him. God bless you. See you in just a minute.

I know that you will not read this until after church because you are getting ready right now but I am writing this at about 7:45 AM thinking about you and praying for you.

Merry Christmas

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