A book every Christian needs to buy!

Aaron, Jillian, Cesar, and Mariet have written a book about their first experiences in the Muslim world of Northern Africa! The book is entitled “Ramblings From North Africa” I have been aware since the day that they started writing that God had His hand on this in a special way. You will see into the hearts of people that have gone behind the closed door, behind the Muslim curtain to tell others about Jesus.

Every person in your church should buy this book. I am hoping that all of the vision folks get a copy as soon as possible. I know this is going to raise misson’s awareness like no other book.

Click here to go straight to their website and get a copy of the book. You can get your copy signed by the author if you come to the Summit that will be happening in just a few days. I certainly hope that you will get a copy of this book.

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