Here comes another one of those really messed up posts.

We had a wonderful evening last night. A muslim visited our church last night and had the gospel individually presented to him and needs your prayer. His name is Mohammed. That is a super common name among muslims but still you can be praying.

We had a good group for our Christmas supper. It was a wonderful service with Allen Newton and Mark Tolson bringing a message. I also spoke on how to have family devotions. I think that people really enjoyed the chance to worship together, learn more about the Word of God and have great fellowship.

Now Sunday is coming soon! Sunday morning we will be having a baptism, the Lord’s supper, a Bible message about what happened at Christmas–Worshipping Wise Men, and as always our wonderful Bible studies in Sunday School. I hope that you will come and be with us. Lord willing, we will have a pastor visiting with us this Sunday. Pastor Rollan Roberts, dad to our very own Rollan Roberts, and his family should be with us.

So with Rollan we are having pack a pew or row of chairs day. At least the Roberts can pack a row of chairs! I hope you will too bring your family and be with us for a super special Sunday.

Then Sunday night you know what is coming–Christmas on the Northside! We were testing (sophisticated word for playing) some of the equipment for Sunday night and it works well. We are excited and believe that God is going to really move. Regardless all we can do is give our best effort and know that “it may be that the Lord will work for us!”

I know that each of you are celebrating your Christmas, some will travel, others will stay, but I hope that all of you will try to honor the Lord Jesus Christ in this time. Be sure to teach your children–be faithful to church–keep up your devotional life. If we are celebrating the Lord Jesus Christ then we certainly do not want to forget Him or His house.

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