I called this post an update because I guess like most of them it is going to be a conglomeration of things instead of about one subject.

First a correction: I stated that we had about 40 visitors yesterday to our luncheon but that was definitely “evangelistically speaking!” I think it was between 18 and 20! The ladies were so excited that when I went in and asked how many that we had seen come through they gave me that answer but that was just good ole excitement–and I am glad. I got several calls and comments about how the folks enjoyed the day yesterday. What a blessing!

Tonight Brother Tony Howeth and I will be preaching at Whitfield Baptist Church for Stephen Baker’s ordination. I ask that you be praying for us as we travel up and that we would preach with the power of God.

Betty just called and it looks like the weather is going to be clear Sunday night–we were hearing that it was going to rain and of course that would put a damper on our Christmas on the Northside though we would have it regardless. If it does rain we will simply move most everything inside–including the snow!!!

The staff is all very excited about all that God is doing and we are really looking forward to Sunday! It is always fun to watch God move and bring people and lives to be changed. We are also working very hard right now to get ready for the Summit the last of the month and for our Stewardship Month in January!

This is keeping all of us hopping! We are writing material for the Summit, material for the Stewardship month (Sunday School lessons, a family devotional guide, Vision 2008, etc.). Everyone here is running around like a chicken with their head cut off but I love it.

I would rather be busy doing this than anything else in the world.

We are all super excited about the chance to see our friends and missionaries at the Summit. It is our time of the year to get together and pray and plan and review what God has been doing.

An exciting thing right now is that it appears that Vision will have the largest group at this year’s Summit. That is a blessing and wonderful that God would let our church be that excited about missions.

Well this has certainly been the conglomeration that I promised but that is what is happening. I am so blessed to be the pastor of this church. God is working in so many lives. He has been so good to us this year and we are begging Him to do even more next year. Thank you for all you do.

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