Busy time of year

This is a wonderful time of year but it is really busy! We were blessed today as we held the luncheon for the business park. There are some wonderful people that work here and they are great neighbors.

I think we had about 40 come for the meal and probably that many people from the church came to help. That was wonderful.

Now our attention turns to Thursday night when we will have our Christmas supper together as a church. We will start eating around 6:45 pm. I hope you will come and invite some friends to come and be with you. It is good to get to spend some time together and enjoy each other’s company.

It is also a good time to try and reach out to others with the gospel message. This is the week so be praying and go after it with all that you can.

This Sunday is also going to be very special as we celebrate Christmas on the Northside. In the morning we will have our regularly scheduled services but one difference is that we will all be together. Spanish and English will worship together if I do not confuse you too much. We will have a baptismal service, the Lord’s supper in the morning, and then singing and preaching. It will be a busy and exciting morning.

Then Sunday afternoon at 5 pm we will have Christmas on the Northside. First we will start with a Bible message and regular service and I hope that you will have all your quests here with us for that hour. Then at 6 pm we will have all the special activities that you find on the special web page for Christmas on the Northside.

Now that is enough to make you know that we are going to be busy but even more than that we have a ton of things planned for January and then Vision and special dedication night as we start the new year.

God has been good to us this year but we are looking for even greater things in the year to come.

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