Happy Birthday Katie!


Well it is late and it has been a very busy day. It started with leaving for church at 8:30 AM, Sunday School–wonderful day with a wonderful class, AM service–blessed, Tony Howeth’s grandmother’s funeral, Volunteer Meeting, PM Service–literally out of this world, then the couples Christmas party! It is now 10:25 PM and we are home. Though the day has been long and I have not had time to do so I have to write a congratulations to my youngest daughter in law.

Katie turned 21 today. She is married to our youngest son, David. She is a super fine, super sweet young lady and exactly the person that David needed. She is the spark in the party and married to David that takes a lot.

I am sure that you know this but getting good spouses for your children is an answer to prayer. You pray, work, train, and wait for them to find God’s perfect will for their lives. God has been so good to Betty and me. We have a wonderful family and wonderful “in-laws” that we do not consider “in-laws”, we literally think of them as our own children.

Well Katie was the last to join the family but she was made to be part of our family. I have watched her love her husband, love the Lord Jesus, and serve people with a smile and love.

Today is her birthday and I want her to know publicly that her “dad and mom” love her very much.

David and Katie are missionaries to Peru and are currently on deputation. With the heart that Katie has I know that she will learn Spanish well and that she will be greatly used of God along side her husband in Peru.

Katie, congratulations and we love you.

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