Wild and Crazy People at Vision

Well I am so proud of our church and thank God for them. I am sitting here in my office at 6:55 AM and shortly later I hear noise outside in the hallway. I wonder who in the world is vacuuming the church at this hour. I sneak down the hall and there is Sandy Pearson outside in the hallways working–God has given us some super wonderful people.

Then last night at church in walk Jared McKinnon and his parents–he is bringing one of the bobsleds that you can see in one of the previous posts to the church. He is working so hard to get ready for Christmas on the Northside–he had the ideas, he inducted John Pearson into his working army as well as his dad. Now that is an engineer putting his skills to work. By the way I understand that Sandy test rode the bobsleds to and that I need to get you a picture of that as well.

We had lots of people out last night for various reasons but God still gave us 129 in attendance. David Lundy and his team did a great job as usual with the kids.

We had Alan Newton, Scott’s dad, visiting with us last night. He and Mrs. Newton are missionaries to Portugal and have been for the last 19 years. He gave a word of testimony and opened in prayer last night.

Then I preached immediately and then we had the privilege of having Brother Aaron as we are calling him to come into the auditorium and answer questions. He did such a good job and his very good wife, Jillian, gave a word of testimony.

Prior to being with us Aaron and Jillian were in with the teens. They did a great job and I am very proud of them. Though they are not members of our church we feel like they are.

Also last night and this morning three more of our wonderful missionaries have been in touch with us. They are going through battles–Kevin Hall is moving into his new house, getting the Sunday School set up at his church, Jake in China is dealing with issues that always come along, and Jeff Bush has other problems but everyone of them are flying high trying to honor God and with all that they have.

Yesterday, Mark Coffey, was as sick as a dog and working away trying to get everything ready for all that went on last night and just to keep things running over the next weeks. What a team!

What a wild and crazy bunch of people that God has given us to work with here at Vision. I love you guys and I am so proud of you.

Well I have been typing this for a while now and the vacuum cleaner is still going–Sandy has no idea that I am in the building–I am afraid to move for fear that it will cause her to go into shock.

I thank God for a bunch of people that are excited about getting something done for the Lord Jesus Christ. I can’t wait to see you on Sunday.

By the way one of our men needs prayer today. I do not have permission to give details but his dad is going in for heart surgery. Please pray that God will work in the situation.

Also pray for Tony Howeth. It has hit him real hard losing his grandmother. He said that she was a very godly woman. He knows where she is but he has been quiet, pensive, hurting, mourning. This Sunday afternoon I will be going to Winder to the funeral and hope you will pray for Tony.

God bless each of you–I know this is long and I have a ton of things to get to work on today but I just wanted to share my heart with you. Thank God for Vision.

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