Happy Birthday Elizabeth Watson!

I know that there is no way that I can wish everyone that attends Vision a Happy Birthday here on the blog and I try not to unless they are staff! However Elizabeth is just like staff–she is voluntary staff. She is a blessing to our church. Though you never see what she does you enjoy it every week.

Elizabeth and Hugh come in after work when no one is watching and clean the buildings every week. They are not paid! No one asked them to do it! They just love the Lord Jesus and our church!

What can I say but a super thank you! I am always wishing that I had a way to say thank you but I don’t know how to thank them for all they do.

With a big smile, a firm and warm handshake Elizabeth greets everyone! She teaches Sunday School, works other ministries that I am sure that I do not even know about. She is a blessing and so I wanted to take this time to tell her how much her pastor and church appreciate her!

Thank you Elizabeth! Thank you for working, praying, teaching, smiling, and a thousand things that I can’t even think of or probably don’t know about.

Have a wonderful and blessed Happy Birthday.

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