Happy Birthday Andria!


Well today is Andria Gardner’s birthday! She is our missionary to Peru. Our son, Chris, was blessed of God with a very good woman. She has been a tremendous asset to the ministry and has been greatly used of God. I thought I might tell you the story of how Andria arrived in our family as a Happy Birthday tribute to her.

When Chris got old enough to begin thinking of marriage he was showing interest in a girl that I just did not believe was God’s will for his life. I was afraid to be confrontational with him and so told him to let me pray about it for 6 months and then I would give him the go ahead and my blessing.

I then suggested that he go to the US from Peru and get accepted as a missionary and raise some support. His girl friend was an MK living in Peru. I thought the separation would do them good and I would give God time to work things out. I knew that if I made the decision and became the law that it could put a strain on our relationship and also I could make a mistake.

Just because I didn’t like her didn’t mean that she might not be God’s will for his life. Chris arrived in the US and got accepted by Macedonia World Baptist Missions. He began traveling and traveled approximately 3 months raising support as a single missionary.

He arrived in Columbus, Georgia to Lighthouse Baptist Church where a friend, Clay McNeese, pastored. Chris was asked to preach the Valentine’s Banquet. Just a few days before arriving in Columbus to preach Chris’ old girl decided to break up with him.

Chris was broken hearted. He wanted nothing to do with girls. That afternoon the pastor told Chris that he needed to take a girl and that he had just the right one. Chris was not interested. He was suffering from a broken heart and he thought: any girl who does not have a date on the day of the banquet and is the pastor’s favorite must not be pretty but be real spiritual. Those are not my words–they are Chris’ words and I have probably milded them down.

Regardless Chris took Andria to the banquet. Chris is a diabetic. Due to the stress of having lost his girl friend his glucose level was extremely high and he was in danger. It takes lots of insulin to get such high levels down but not on that special night.

Chris sat with Andria and talked. He found a young lady that loved God. Chris called that night and I knew that he was in love. He said that talking to most girls about spiritual things was like pulling eye teeth but not with Andria. She was interested in the ministry. She was interested in what God was doing.

In just a couple of hours Chris’ blood glucose levels were back to normal. He told his mom and me on the phone that if he didn’t marry her that he had just made a dear, dear friend.

They have now been married over 11 years. God has given them 3 children and a wonderful and blessed ministry.

Andria is a wonderful wife from what the dad can see! She is wonderful mother! She is a great missionary wife! She is a blessing and a charm to all that meet her!

Today is her birthday and her new dad and mom want to wish her a very Happy Birthday! We love you Andria!

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