Lessons on reading the Bible by George Muller

George Muller is known for his prayer life, but most people don’t know much about his devotional life in the Word of God. He gave some great advice about Bible study that I believe is worth noting, and I hope an encouragement to you.

“If any one should ask me how he may read the Scriptures most profitably, I would advise him, that:

1. Above all he should seek to have it settled in his own mind that God alone, by His Spirit, can teach him, and that therefore, as God will be enquired of for blessings, it becomes him to seek God’s blessing previous to, and whilst reading.

2. He should have it, moreover, settled in his mind, that, although the Holy Spirit is the best and sufficient teacher, yet that this teacher does not always teach immediately when we desire it, and that, therefore, we may have to entreat Him again and again for the explanation of certain passages; but that He will surely teach us at last, if indeed we are seeking for light prayerfully, patiently, and with a view to the glory of God.

3. It is of immense importance for the understanding of the Word of God, to read it in course, so that we may read every day a portion of the Old and a portion of the New Testament, going on where we previously left off. This is important-

1) Because it throws light into the connection; and a different course, according to which one habitually selects particular chapters, will make it utterly impossible ever to understand much of the Scriptures.

2) Whilst we are in the body, we need a change even in spiritual things; and this change the Lord has graciously provided in the great variety which is to be found in His Word.

3) It tends to the glory of God; for the leaving out some chapters here and there, is practically saying, that certain portions are better than others; or, that there are certain portions of revealed truth unprofitable, or unnecessary.

4) It may keep us, by the blessing of God, from erroneous views, as in reading thus regularly through the Scriptures we are led to see the meaning of the whole, and also kept from laying too much stress upon certain favourite views.

5) The Scriptures contain the whole revealed will of God, and therefore we ought to seek to read from time to time through the whole of that revealed will. There are many believers, I fear, in our day, who have not read even once through the whole of the Scriptures; and yet in a few months, by reading only a few chapters every day, they might accomplish it.

4. It is also of the greatest importance to meditate on what we read, so that perhaps a small portion of a book, or and epistle, or a gospel, through which we go regularly for meditation, may be considered every day, without, however, suffering oneself to be brought into bondage by this plan.

Learned commentaries I have found to store the head with many notions, and often also with the truth of God; but when the Spirit teaches, through the instrumentality of prayer and meditation, the heart is affected. The former kind of knowledge generally puffs up, and is often renounced, when another commentary gives a different opinion, and often also is found good for nothing, when it is to be carried out into practice.

5. The last and most important means of grace, namely, prayer, was comparatively but little improved by me. I prayed, and I prayed often. I also prayed, in general, by the grace of God, with sincerity; but had I been more earnestly praying, of even only as much as I have prayed of late years, I should have made much more rapid progress.”

I hope that you will diligently read the Word of God every day. At Vision Baptist we believe that you must be a “self-feeder” that means someone who is able and is constantly feeding themselves from the Word of God. If you are not doing so get with starting now. Put the lessons from this post to work in your life.

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