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I got this on a blog from a our friend Missionary Ron Maggard. I thought that you would really enjoy what he had to say.

Today I was reading about some soldiers from World War II who were interviewed about their activities on a particular day during the war. Some spoke of staying in a fox hole the entire day taking a few shots at some tanks that passed by their position. Another spoke of moving ammunition toward those fighting at the front. Still another told about some fierce small arms battles.

It was not until later that they learned they each had been part of one of the most meaningful and decisive battles of World War II, the Battle of the Bulge. They had only known their small and seemingly insignificant part where they were positioned. They could not know the importance of their individual contribution at the time because they could not see the “big picture.”

I know many Christians today who are thinking that their life is not important, their contribution is meaningless. Possibly they are older and unable to be as active as before. Some are disabled or infirm. Others are alone. Many are weak or without much training in the Christian life. They do not have strength, abilities, resources or riches. What can they do? What good are they? They can only pray. They can only have limited contacts. They can give only a little of their effort, time or money. Is this important? Is this meaningful?

YES! The part they have is absolutely essential in the big picture. If they could see it, they would see what a great blessing and what an important and meaningful part they are playing in the unfolding panoramic scheme of eternity. Beloved, the battle continues to rage on, but victory is sure. Keep doing your part today, even if it seems insignificant. One day you will be able to see all the great accomplishments that were made by those who faithfully fulfilled their part in “The Big Picture.”

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