Wonderful day!

God is so good to us that I do not have the words to say thank you to Him or to you. The book of the Acts is a wonderful book and I think that we are all enjoying the great truths found there. This morning we saw the power play between the Truth and the lie or God’s power and Satan’s.

Tonight was great. We had everyone together and had our Christmas Cantata/Children and Teen’s Christmas play. Anne Lundy did a great job. I am not sure how many of you know it but she wrote the play. It was wonderful. It communicated the truth, was moving and exciting. Thank you David and Anne for all the good work you do with our children. I am honored to have the privilege of serving God with you.

Also I know that many people helped with a ton of details. Thanks for making the costumes, decorations, music etc. The teens did a great job on the music tonight. It was just a wonderful evening.

Another thing that made the night so special was having the Spanish and English service together. I loved watching our people greet each other, shaking hands, hugging, and getting to know one another. It is always exciting when we do things together.

I didn’t bring the sheet home with the attendance but it was something like 112 people in the service tonight. This morning God gave us 105 in Sunday School and 132 in the church service.

I was so blessed today. I thank God for the chance to pastor our church and for your friendship. I thank Him for how good He is being to us in the building of our church.

I am looking forward to a great month of December as we end another year.

Now–last thing for this post– I really need to ask you to be praying about Christmas on the Northside. This will be an effort to reach all the people that we can with the gospel message. At 5 pm we will have a regular service–praying, singing, a full Bible message etc. I want you to invite your friends not to the activities but to the church service. The other things are only the icing on the cake.

We are a Bible preaching church. Though we will have lots of activities we want them to hear the Word of God. We want them to be saved. Will you help? Invite everyone that you know. Be praying as much as you can that God will give me His power to preach His Word really powerfully.

There are cards that you can use to invite all of your friends. I hope that you will use it and your influence to reach people for Jesus.

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