Returning Home today

Well it is Thursday morning and 8 am here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is 1 am in Georgia. We will be back in our house around 6 pm I suppose on Friday evening –tomorrow. We will be traveling in an hour and you get the rest of the rest of the story.

I do not look forward to 18 hours in the airplane without getting out. I hope you will pray for us. God has blessed tremendously here but I am looking forward to getting back to our church for this Sunday.

Last night we had 4 more professions of faith and one got his life right. That makes 6 total that made a salvation decision.

Corli is a wonderful hostess. She is super kind, a great wife, and a wonderful missionary wife. Both Kevin and Corli speak great xhosa. The people love them. God is greatly using them. You can be thankful that we are supporting missionaries like them.

The attendance at the meetings when as follows Sunday am 52, pm 43, Monday 54, Tuesday 64, Wednesday 68. The church is only 6 months old. God has given them some good young men and a wonderful church. It has been a blessing to see and hear all that God is doing.

Sunday night, Lord willing, we will have you some pictures and music that you will enjoy during the announcements.

Looking forward to seeing you.

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