Xhosa language men of God

We have been so blessed to be here in South Africa and to see the work that God is doing in and through Kevin and Corli Hall. It is a beautiful thing right now to hear Corli just talking away in xhosa to a lady. It is wonderful to be in the church and hear Kevin stand and preach and challenge the people in the language.

God is really blessing. Two ladies got saved last night. They average about 50 in the services and they are just getting started. God has given Kevin several good men that want to serve God and are already working hard.

I apologize for being so out of touch and so far behind but this is a real quick trip and we do not have much time. We have been at it hard from early morning to late night.

We are blessed as a church to have such good missionaries serving God that we can support. The possibilities are limitless here with the power of God and some committed people. Will you please pray for them and their ministry. Will you pray that God will send forth laborers to His harvest here.

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