Swamped but excited

Well I am sitting in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in Kevin Hall’s office. I am excited but very busy because this is a short trip and I am trying to get lots done. I wanted to send you this note that came in from Peru and was such a blessing to me and then I will make another post to tell you what God is doing here:

This is a translation of the letter

Dear Brother Austin

Today is a very special day because it is Thanksgiving Day and the the truth today is that I thanked God for the things that he has done for me and for his purpose in my life. the truth He has been has been very good to me and to think that He loves me and allows me to be at His side more and more. I know that it is a day for thanking God but also there are people that motive you to do the same. One of them is you. Today I want to thank you for your teaching and your example of always continuing on for the Lord. I have now finished Bible College and I am studying in a Graphic Design institute and my goal is to become a designer in order to make known the Name of Christ and work at Television Mundial (our television station in Peru). Maybe you do not know me but I hope that you know my heart that beats at the same time and way that yours with desires to see the world reached for Christ.

Thank you very much for how you are and for your family and your son Chris that taught me how to be a servant of God. God bless you more thank you deserve and I will always pray for you.

Thank you.

Gustavo Choquehuanca Mollo

Here is the letter in Spanish for those that read Spanish

Estimado hermano Guillermo:

Hoy es un día muy especial, porque es día de acción de gracias, ya la verdad hoy agradeci por las cosas que Dios habia hecho por mi y por el propósito en mi vida, la verdad EL ha sido muy bueno conmigo, y pensar que me ama, me hace estar a su lado más y más, se que es un día de agradecer a Dios, pero también hay personas que motivan a hacerlo, una de ellas es usted, y hoy queria agradecerle por su enseñanza y por su ejemplo de seguir siempre adelante, yo termine ya el seminario, pero ahora estoy estudiando en un instituto de diseño gráfico y mi meta es convertirme en un diseñador, para publicar el Nombre de Cristo y trabajar en la televisión mundial, derrepente no me conosca, pero espero que conosca mi corazón, que late al mismo tiempo que usted por el mundo para Cristo.

Muchas gracias por como es usted, también por su familia y por su hijo Chris que me eseño a ser un siervo de Dios, Dios le bendiga más de lo que se merece y siempre oraré por usted.


Gustavo Choquehuanca Mollo

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