Thanksgiving day!

I do not have the words to thank God today. He has been so good to me. He saved me by His grace without any merit of my own on May 6, 1962. He called me to the ministry less than 5 years after that. I was raised in a Christian home where the Bible was studied, character was exhibited, services at church were not missed, and Jesus Christ was exalted.

I come from a family on my mother’s side that really loved God and were used of God. My grandfather was the one who made sure the buildings and pastor were paid in his church. He taught me to love the doctrine of the local church. My grandmother as an old woman would ask the soon to be spouse of each grandchild if they had accepted Christ as their personal Saviour. I come from a long line of godly people.

My dad was the first in his family of recent years anyway to accept the Lord Jesus Christ but a definite change took place. He gave me a good example and opportunities to serve God. I am thankful for my heritage.

I met my wife in 1971. I fell in love with her pretty soon. She had been raised by one of the best families on the planet. She was kept clean and pure and really innocent. She just wanted to be a good wife, mother, and home maker. That was the dream of her life.

We were married on August 18, 1973. She has lived up to and surpassed her dream. She is my best friend, my wife, my co-laborer, my soul mate and you name any other term that talks about a wonderful marriage and she is just that. I thank God for her.

Then in 1975 God gave us our first son–Chris. He was named Christopher with the hopes and prayers that he would be a Christ bearer which is what his name means. God has made him just that. He is a preacher of the gospel and carries more responsibility than most could ever imagine. He is our first born and none could be better. God blessed us with his wonderful wife, Andria, and three wonderful grandchildren.

Then in 1977 along came Stephanie. I was afraid that I would not be able to love her like I loved Chris. I didn’t know that much love could exist in the heart of one man. But when she was born an explosion took place in my heart and there was more than enough room in my heart for her. She won my heart instantly. God has given her a great preacher husband and 5 wonderful children.

Then in 1980 Joy was born. She was just that a great joy to our hearts. She has the sweetest spirit, cutest smile and most wonderful love for the Lord that you have ever seen. Then God gave her a preacher husband, Julio. They have two wonderful beautiful children.

Then in 1985 God gave us David. What can I say. He was the child of our old age. He has been a special blessing and brought joy and laughter to our hearts since the day he arrived. I am not sure how much was him and how much was the fact that we were finally maturing enough to enjoy the precious gift sent from God. David is a preacher also. God gave him a fantastic wife, Katie. They are missionaries to Peru as are Chris and Joy.

Wow, am I blessed. You may be bored but let me remind you that if God can do that in my family He can do it in your family. Four children, 10 grandchildren, and a total clan counting Betty and I of 20 people.

Then after 20 wonderful and blessed years as missionaries in Peru God blessed us with the tremendous privilege of coming to the USA again and working with you on the Northside of Atlanta. Vision Baptist Church has just been one of those blessings. I thank God for each of you. I praise Him for how He has been so good today.

I know that this has been very personal but then today is Thanksgiving and I just want you to know that I am thankful to my Lord Jesus Chrsit for all that He has done in our lives.

I hope you and your family enjoy a very wonderful time today. I hope that you get caught up in His goodness more than in all the material things around you. Take time to say Thank you.

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