Update from Venezuela y Julio Marquina

Situación en el país
The following came in from Julio Marquina. He is a missionary that we support from Peru serving in Venezuela. He is like a son to Betty and me. I think you will be interested in the following and can pray for them

“Surely you all have heard the international news about the political conditions here in Venezuela. Public order and all of our life is affected including basics grocery items like milk, sugar, chicken and if we can find these items they are ratiioned.

This is causing some fear but we trust in the Lord and praise Him because He has always given us food and rainment. We have learned to rejoice whatever our situation whether we suffer need or have abundance.

This is also affecting the programs of our church because when we plan to do something there is always some kind of interference. Maybe it will be a march by the opposition or the government. Many people are afraid to go out of their houses. Even in all of this God is watching over our church even though we are in the very center of town where the riots and strikes are taking place. God is taking care of His people.”

I ask you to please be in prayer for Julio and Paola and their children.

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