My heart’s desire

Well I woke up several times last night and each time I prayed for you! I want God to work in our lives. I want His power to be shown in our hearts and lives. I desperately need His power and so do you to live holy powerful lives for Him.

My heart’s desire is to have a church full of people that are truly hungry to serve God. I pray that God will do a great work in our lives. I want to see you so excited about His Word that you can not wait to get to church for each service to learn more about the Word of God. I want to see you so excited about what God is doing in your lives that you will share the gospel message with others.

I want to see a church that hungers to please God and not ourselves. We have lots of needs and things that we are looking for but much more important than that is that we would please Him. After all it is not about us but about Him that we should live, study, work and pray.

I hunger for a church where lost people are being saved and the altars are full every Sunday of people who are getting their lives right with God–not just to get help though that is good but more even to dedicate their lives to His purposes and to His pleasure and to serving Him.

I hunger for a church that desires to see the name of the Lord Jesus Christ known all over the world. I want to see God glorified and Jesus Christ magnified and I want us to be part of what God is going to do to bring that to pass.

My heart’s desire is that Vision Baptist Church would be a church full of servants that serve God by reaching out to our community, our country, and our world.

My heart’s desire is that our husbands and wives love each other and that God bless our families not for us but for a testimony for Him. I desire that God bless each of you financially but not for you but more for Him and His kingdom. I desire that He trust us with money to be used for His kingdom.

I know that I am just ranting and raving but during the night several times I woke up and asked Him to forgive me for the way I so often think of myself and my blessings rather than what He would have me do for Him. I was created for His pleasure. I was saved to serve for His pleasure. I want to do just that. It really changes your perspective when you think like that.

Well I love you all more than you will know. You are on my heart during the night hours and all day long. I pray for your families, your blessings, your hurts. I hurt when you hurt. I know that God will meet your needs as you serve Him.

God bless you and I sure hope that though you want see this before church that when you read it after that you will know that you have a pastor that loves you and prays for you all the time.

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