What pattern should we follow for our church.

As I read my Bible this morning I came across the following verse. Exo 25:40 And look that thou make them after their pattern, which was shewed thee in the mount. I was reading about how God instructed the people of Israel to build their tabernacle. He gave them detailed instructions. He told them that He wanted everything made like He had the pattern for in the Heavens.

I thought to myself about how many things go on around me that challenge me as to what a church ought to be. Today many churches have changed. They have become more entertainment centers than preaching centers. They have replaced the preaching with singing, testimonies, dramas, videos etc. Though none of these things are wrong they can never replace the preaching of the word of God. God has chosen to use preaching even though He called it the foolishness of preaching.

The next thing that has happened is we have replaced strong, confrontational preaching with a chat that sounds more like Dr Phil than the Word of God. We do not want to offend. We desire to be politically correct. I know that this is not after the pattern of the church in Heaven.

I like much of what I read and see and desire to have the fastest growing and best church that I can but I have to remember that what we do here must please Him and follow the pattern in Heaven. The number of people that we have does not impress God near like our obeying Him.

Church was never supposed to be about meeting our needs but more about obeying and worshiping the great God of Heaven. It was supposed to be about what we could do to serve Him.

Thank you for wanting a church of sold out, on fire, dedicated, Christians that are seeking to please God.

God I want our church to be made after the pattern that I find in the Bible and like you have showed us. I do not want to have a church like those around me. Help me to do things in a way that radically pleases you and affects our world.

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