Velda Salazar

Well I had mentioned Velda in many of my messages and you finally got to meet her. Velda is the kind of woman that you desire to see in your church. She was delivered from a hopeless life of sin as you saw and heard her testify. She got saved and when she got saved it totally and radically changed her life.

It was my joy to be her pastor for a number of years in Peru. She was a praying, soul winning, discipling, serving machine. She is the kind of lady that I encourage all of us to imitate. She organized things for our ladies so that they would get together and pray. She arranged for me to be able to witness to people that she knew that needed the gospel. She was always attentive to whatever was happening in the service. She would jump up to run to witness to someone in the invitation if they indicated a desire to know the Lord Jesus.

The Faith Baptist Church was kind of birthed out of her home when we got ready to move that way. I just want you to know that you had a great privilege this past Sunday to meet and know one of my heroes in the faith.

I thank God that I see Him raising up people just like Velda here in our church. I have more and new heroes here and now in Vision. Thank you for your service that no one notices but the Lord.

I am thinking of several of our ladies that clean, cook, serve, invite, and do a million things in our church. I dare not start to name you but I watch you come in the office before any of us. I see you serving in the reception area. I see you cleaning, writing notes, praying. I just want you to know that I love you all and thank God for you.

Keep up the good work.
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