I can’t wait for Christmas!

To be honest with you I get really tired of all the commercialism, getting in debt, buying the right gift part of Christmas. I think that some times the real meaning of Christmas gets lost in all of the hoop a loo!! I am sure that I didn’t say that right.

But I am excited about Christmas this year because we are going to use it to reach out to lost people like never before and try and let them see the real meaning of Christmas. We will begin this year what I hope will become an exciting tradition at Vision. It is being called Christmas on the Northside! Be sure and click on the link to visit the web page.

The goal of this very special evening will be to invite our family and friends to come with us to a very special evening. At 5 pm we will have a church service. There will be the song service, the preaching and all the regular ingredients. I want them to be able to see what a regular church service is like at Vision. I want your friends, family, and neighbors to know that there is a Bible preaching, God honoring, loving and accepting church where they can come and get help and grow in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is a tool for you to use to invite them. They will hear the Bible preached and be part of a normal service after which we will sing Christmas carols, eat marsh mellows, ride in the horse drawn wagon, play in the snow etc. I want you to know that this day is a tool for you to use to get people to church who would not normally come.

I have to be honest with you. Church is going to be church. We are going to sing, give, pray, and preach like always. I do not believe that we can change anything to get them to stay. They must hear the truth. They must know that they have sinned against a Holy God, repent of their sin, and be saved by His marvelous grace.

Will you begin praying now? Will you begin inviting your friends now? Help us reach all the people that we can.
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