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I write or work on more than one blog. This blog is more on a personal church level and I appreciate you reading it. I am excited about pastoring such a wonderful church and believe that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

But I also write things that are meant more for the person who is in full time ministry. I am excited to be able to continue studying and preparing myself for the ministry of reaching the world with the gospel message in our generation. If you will look to the blogroll on the right of this blog you will find the Church Planting Discussion. On this blog I write and compile things that I believe will help me and others that are starting churches. I invite you to read it and to subscribe to it also.

You can subscribe by clicking on the link below that says Church Planting Discussion.

Right now you will find 3 posts based on the Serampore “Form of Agreement” of 1805 that are really helpful both as a pastor here in the states and also someone working over seas. I would welcome your comments and questions. We must continue working if we really desire to see God use us to get the gospel to the world in our generation.
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