David just turned 22 today

Well our son, David, just turned 22 years old today. He is and has been a great blessing to Betty and me. I think the child of your older age comes along after you have made a lot of your mistakes. I was way too hard on my children. I expected perfection because I was the pastor. I took everything literally about their discipline and I know that I way over disciplined. I loved them but didn’t know how to express it very well.

In spite of my harshness and demanding upbringing all 4 of our children have survived and are in the ministry today. We are so proud of David and his wife Katie. They are missionaries to Peru and raising their support right now. David grew up in Peru. He understands the people and the culture far better than I ever did.

He is the best translator that I have ever seen or heard. He is a good husband. He is a tremendous son and I am very proud that God blessed us with him.

David, today I just want you to know that your mother and I love you very much. Thank you for serving God and honoring Him. Thank you for being a man of the book. Thank you for a heart to reach the world with the gospel message. You are all I could have dreamed of for a son.

I hope you have a very wonderful birthday and that God richly blesses you.

Despite the mistakes that we made as parents God has truly blessed us. Might I say that Betty didn’t make many mistakes it was always me trying to be perfect and impress everyone but despite all of that — 3 of our children are serving God as missionaries to Peru and our other daughter is the assistant pastor’s wife at their church.

God is good to us in spite of your mistakes. Could I tell you that you will not be perfect parents so don’t expect to be. Love your children. Make it very clear to them that you love them. Let God do the work in their lives. Get them into the book –the Word of God and into the service of God. Keep them where God can get ahold of their hearts and He will bring your children up. It is after all a work of grace and the goodness of God that will bring your children to maturity loving Him.
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