A letter from Peru–Hugo

We got the following letter from Hugo Navarette, a member of Vision Baptist, who has returned to Peru–his home country. It was such a wonderful sweet letter I took the time to translate it and put it here for you. The letter was written to Mark Coffey:

Hello brother. Thank you for everything. I tell you that here everything is going well.

My wife got baptized yesterday and is growing in her faith. God is doing great things in my family. My son is getting better in his conduct and the Christian school is helping him a lot. My daughter is happy in our Sunday School and church. It was the right decision to change her school.

I am sure that we will have many blessings from God and you know that much of these things I owe first to God and to people like you all. I will always be grateful to people like you, Brother Mark, Brother Ronald, Brother John, Brother Tony and everyone from the Spanish ministry and the American ministry also.

Yesterday I was able to pick up Tyler Masters from the airport and bring him to the church and it was a pleasure. It always makes me happy to be able to help my brothers and it really pleases me when they come to visit our church for its anniversary.

I had hoped that more people would come from Arequipa but it apparently that wasn’t possible. It certainly was a tremendous blessing to have pastor Miguel Murillo for our anniversary evangelistic campaign. I hope that next year you can come and Ronald and the rest of the brothers from Vision Church.

The projects that our church is working on are growing and coming together. You that they are ambitious plans like our God deserves of our strength. I am working hard along with pastor Ruben Effio. We are waiting on the blessings of the Lord to be able to accomplish our plans because they are going to cost so much, but we will continue forward little by little.

I will tell you that we have a business formed now calls Callao Baptist Printing and Editorial. It is now legally organized and working. The project is already a reality and some money has been invested and we have put the printing machines up as capital. We are already working. From here Bibles are going to come and go all over Peru.

I desire with all my heart to print one million, yes you read that right one million Bibles in five years for all of Peru.

I am going to need your prayers and those of all the brothers. I already have clients for our printing business. There are several churches that are going to ask us to do work for them. Pastor Miguel Murillo is going to begin printing a magazine every two months that will be called Faith and the Family. He plans to print it for all of Peru.

His project is very interesting and is going to involve lost of pastors from the Macedonia team. I am going to be the editor of this magazine and Miguel will be the director. I am really excited and you will be asking yourself now how I am going to live. My income will come from secular work that we are going to do for third parties with the printing equipment. I will take a salary from there and will use my earnings to help us do the other small projects like the breakfasts that I want to do at our church for the children.

We will also have classes of music, English, sewing on Saturdays. I will be working with Pastor Ruben and the money should be for him as we will be working as partners. The pastor doesn’t want any money for himself just for the work at the church

He is a great guy and I love working with people like him.

Thank you brother for worrying about me and my getting more classes. I am going to begin as soon as I can to learn more so I can serve God better. I have given Him my life. I will give all of my strength to dedicate it to the work of God, to travel visiting churches, it is all a blessing.

I have lots of invitationes to visit churches all over Peru. I want to work to help the work grow all over the country. I want to see every state of Peru become another Arequipa. After that I will be ready to leave to take the gospel all over Latin America.

The things that are starting here are going to be big, brother, my heart burns with emotion and I know that you are going to be praying for me.

I love you brother Mark. We will continue to be in touch and give my greetings to everyone and a big hug to all from your brother Hugo Navarrete.
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3 thoughts on “A letter from Peru–Hugo”

  1. I got this in an email and thought you might enjoy it

    Hello there and just thought I would let you know how much I enjoyed reading Bro. Hugo’s letter. It is wonderful to see what God is doing and we will be praying for them. The printing ministry they have started sounds great and I know it will be greatly used to touch many lives.

    Your friend,
    Fred Kindhart

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