How to reach lost people with the gospel!

The following ideas are all based the agreement that was reached by William Carey and the brethren that he worked with to reach India. These are not new ideas since they agreed to all of this on October 7, 1805.

Since the Bible says that he that winneth souls is wise they believed that winning ways or methods were the direction that they had to take. They knew that it took great wisdom to do just that.

1. Really understand the infinite value of souls and the fact that they will spend all of eternity separated from God in the lake of fire.

2. We need to learn all we can about how people think and learn to talk to them intelligently so that they can come to know Jesus.

3. They wanted to avoid everything they could that might prejudice the people against the gospel.

4. They decided that they would love for every possible opportunity to do good

5. They determined to make Christ and Him crucified their main message. Though there are many other truths to be preached this is the most necessary one for salvation.

6. They decided to hear their complaints and gain their confidence by being genuinely interested in them.

7. They knew that they had to be much in prayer because it was a work of God that was to be done.

There is much that we can learn from these great principles. I hope that you are working at getting the gospel of Jesus Christ to all those that are in your family and your friends too. We must tell them of Jesus.

For more information and to read the original document that I just based this on click here.
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