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We had a wonderful time in Hot Springs, Arkansas with Dr Rene Feret, Pastor Eric Capaci, Gospel Light Baptist Church, and Champion Baptist College. God really blessed the message and our time with the students. I pray that God does something for His cause of World Evangelism in the hearts of more and more college students every day.

We arrived back here at our house last night at about 1:15 AM and then unloaded the car, unwound a bit and finally went to sleep. I am really far behind on some work but not nearly as far behind as I would have been had I stayed in Arkansas until Friday morning.

I have spent this morning so far getting caught up on my reading, both emails and blogs and now I am getting ready to dig into the Word for the different messages that I have to preach. I count it a great honor to pastor Vision Baptist Church and can not think of any where that I would rather preach than Vision.

I look forward to seeing each of you tonight. I hope that you will invite someone to be with you and that you will see what you can do to further the cause and the kingdom of Jesus Christ in your family, community, work, and every other sphere of influence that God has given you.

I will be making some announcements of some exciting things that we will be doing over the next few weeks so stay tuned.
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