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Well we are in Hot Springs, Arkansas with Dr Rene Feret and the BEAMS Bible conference. Dr Feret is a wonderful, gracious man of God and it is an honor that he would allow me to preach and participate in this conference. Our church supports them on a monthly basis.

It is also a great privilege to be with Dr Eric Capaci at the Gospel Light Baptist Church and Champion Baptist College. Dr Capaci has a very kind and open heart. His love for the work of God and the God of the work are super apparent. We were blessed to eat with him after the service and to hear of all the great things that God has done. I am excited about their college and Dr Capaci’s desire to train men and to reach out to all the world.

It was also a very great honor to get to hear Dr Bobby Roberson from the Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, North Carolina. His message was wonderful this evening as he talked of the graciousness of God and all that God has done in his ministry of over 50 years as pastor of that great church.

We also heard from Pastor Dan Carr from the Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi. Faith Baptist is the home of the BEAMS Bible ministry. He preached a tremendous message about not getting injured in the ministry.

It was definitely a long drive over and I have not driven like that since I was a missionary but we had a great time. Mark Coffey and Philip Bassham are with me. Mark drove all the way over. We went by my boyhood church in McEwen, Tennessee, the church were I preached my first sermons, the First Baptist Church of McEwen, the McEwen High School where I graduated and then on to Bucksnort where I used to work. They had to put up with the old man showing them all his old stomping grounds.

Tomorrow morning–Wednesday I will be preaching–Lord willing to the students of Champion Baptist College and the BEAMS missionaries as well as any church people that might come. We will then be leaving for home and I will be blessed to preach at in my favorite pulpit on Thursday evening.

I ask you to pray for us as we travel and to pray for BEAMS, Gospel Light Baptist Church and Champion Baptist College. I have been deeply impressed in the short amount of time that we have been here.

Well I can’t wait to see all of you on Thursday night and also to see the Training Center students on Friday. God is so good to me. Thanks for praying

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