Mother in law’s day

Well yesterday was Mother in law’s day. I find it very humorous that they tell us to celebrate that day the same week as Halloween but what can I say. No one has more jokes made about them than the mother in law, I guess.

Yesterday, my mother in law, Evelyn Ferguson came to the service. She has been my mother in law now for over 34 years and she has been a good mother in law. I am very grateful to her and for her. She along with my father in law raised the most wonderful woman that I have ever know, Betty–obviously. They put up with a guy that was way too young to marry their daughter or raise their grandchildren. They have helped us over the years many times and have always been supportive.

I hope that my son in laws and daughter in laws came say the same type of things about Betty and me that I have been able to say about Mrs. Evelyn Ferguson.

God has been good to me. I thank Him for all that He has done in every way possible to bless me and work in my life. I thank Him for the salvation that He has given me by His grace.

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