Testimony from Hugh Watson

Hugh sent me this in an email and I thought you might enjoy the truth in it so I asked his permission to put it on the blog for you.

My cardiologist told me regular exercise is important to stave off a valve replacement. So I hike Sawnee Mountain every day (weather permitting).

The other day in the morning I noticed a lot of home schooling mothers with their children in the parking lot. Not thinking much about it, I went on my walk. There are two ways to climb the mountain, one easier than the other. I take the longer, steeper route to give the heart and lungs a workout.

Over a mile into it the trail starts to get quite steep complete with a ‘switchback’. A little ahead there was a woman with one small child in her arms and another crying by her side.

She asked for help wanting to know which way to go, she’d never been there before. Her choices were to turn back the way she came or press ahead. The way back was downhill but longer. The way ahead was even steeper but much shorter. She chose the way ahead.

I related that story to the nursing home folks with the following admonition:

Your walk with Christ down the trail of life has led you too far to turn back now. While the way back is easy, it’s a retreat that wipes out all the progress you’ve made to date. The way ahead promises to be even more challenging yet we get the benefit of being exercised to strengthen us and the end of the trail with its rest is just a bit further on.

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