Robert and Kelli are married!

Robert Canfield and Kelli Perkins are now married. Tony Howeth did a wonderful job as he married them and then pronounced them Mr. and Mrs. Robert Canfield. They will be back in a week. They will be missed but we are all happy for them and very proud of them.

I had the privilege of asking who gave the woman in Holy Matrimony and then preaching a short evangelistic message. I am also impressed when I see the bride in a beautiful Christ honoring white dress that symbolizes the purity that we only get from Jesus Christ and His blood that he shed on the cross of Calvary.

I am always thrilled when I see two super fine young people like Robert and Kelli get married in holiness and purity. I am blessed to know that they plan to serve God with all of their lives. I am privileged to be their pastor and to also have a part in training them for the ministry.

God bless you both. We love you. See you soon.

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