Excited about tomorrow

Well I am really looking forward to tomorrow morning. Trent just wrote to tell me of a very good group of young people that they hope to have in their class tomorrow. I know that David Lundy is working hard to have a good group of children. I know that the activities will all be fun.

But most of all I am happy and excited about a chance to preach. I didn’t get to preach on Thursday and so I am really ready to open the Word of God and share its wonderful truths with you. I will be preaching a message about Risking your life for the cause of Christ.

In the evening we will see a message about the Fussing and Fighting in the church. It is going to be a good day. God is going to do a great work in our lives. I know that He has plans for us that are greater than we could ever imagine.

God has been doing some pretty spectacular things in our church recently. He is blessing. I see it all coming together for great things to happen.

Did I tell you thank you for allowing me to be your pastor? Did I tell you how blessed i feel right now? I honestly feel the emotion bursting from my heart as I think of you all.

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