Christmas on the Northside!

I can’t say much right now but I thought you might like to know that we are making very special plans right now for a brand new annual event here at our church. It will be called Christmas on the Northside.

Alpharetta, Cumming, John’s Creek, Milton, Roswell, etc. are all on the Northside and can easily be involved in our church. We are planning somethings that are going to become, hopefully, a Vision Tradition. An old fashioned Christmas together as a family. It will all take place here at the church on December 23 at 5 PM.

Can you think back to one of those idyllic Christmas settings, with carolers, roasted marsh mellows, snow, etc? Can you imagine getting all the family together–well we are planning something so super special right now.

I would love to have your help if you are part of Vision as we get ready for this very special time. There is so much to do. We want to get the gospel message to our community. We want most of all for Jesus Christ to be glorified and magnified in all that we do as a church.

Be praying now–let us know if you want to really help this be the biggest event that we have ever held. Please pray for us.

Christmas on the Northside!

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