Tony Howeth preaching a mission’s conference

Well several of us just traveled to Covington to hear Brother Tony preach a tremendous message in a mission’s conference at Newton Baptist Church with Pastor Doug Parham. He did a wonderful job and we really enjoyed the service. They have a great church and God has really blessed them over the last 6 years since they started the church.

If you are a pastor and looking for one of the best men you could get to do a great mission’s conference you need to contact Brother Tony. I am very thankful and proud of the friendship that God has allowed me to have with a man like him.

I am also excited about Pastor Wayne Cofield coming to preach at our church on Thursday night. I hope you will be with us for the service. It will start at 7:15 pm. You are guaranteed to enjoy his preaching and he will challenge and train us on soul winning.

Be sure and check out Trent Cornwell’s newest blog. He is doing a great job and there will be tons of information to help anyone doing teen work.

Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday and I hope you are making plans to invite several people to be with you for our Fall Festival Sunday. We will have lots of fun with the children and games right after the service.

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