Another independent Baptist church on its way to Alpharetta

Well I just found out that another independent Baptist Church is on its way to Alpharetta. There is more than enough room for them and I am glad that God is touching hearts to reach the people of this area with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. There is so much to do.

I do not know these people personally but have read all that I can on their websites. I will be praying for them and wanted to invite you to do the same. The couple that will be coming to start and pastor the church are Seph and Christa Coutinho and they are Atlanta bound. Seph has a blog that I have subscribed to also.

There website gives some really good information about Alpharetta that I am sure that you already know but might reinforce your convictions that we must be about the Father’s business telling people about Jesus.

I have sent an email and offered to take them out to eat the next time that they are in town. They will be using the Phones for You program like we did but with the expert help of Dave Barba.

There home church is really behind them in the way that I want us to get behind the guys that we send out whenever God gets us to that point. They gave them over $97,000 to get started with. They plan to be in Atlanta by January 2009 or before. Pray that God would meet their needs.

Well anyway I wanted to ask you to pray for them and to get encouraged. It is obvious that God is wanting to do something in our area with the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Let’s get busy and reach all the people we can before He comes.

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