Lots of catching up

Well I have been gone for a long time and so that really gets me behind though I try to work as hard as I can while I am away. In Peru I preached or taught about 20 times. I also met with countless people on different subjects plus trying to find time for my wonderful family that is there–Chris and Andria with Jacob, Hannah, and Andrew as well as Joy and Julio, Benjamin and Lelia.

I had the privilege of seeing Tyler and Gretchen’s new baby and you can see the photos if you will click here to go to their blog. I spent a little bit of time with Benjamin Armstrong and his parents. I talked with a great friend Mike Staley. Well I will just tell you that it was a wonderful time.

Right now I am working as fast as I can in reading hundreds of letters and blogs, studying for tonight’s message, thinking of everything else that I have to do and just getting overwhelmed.

I can’t wait to see you tonight. Thank you Gray for the call last night to welcome me back and what a blessing just to hear your voice. Thank you Holly for one of the most wonderful letters that I have ever received. Thank you David Velke for picking us up at the airport with the usual Mountain Dew–diet of course and butter finger candy bar–not diet.

I also got some new wheels–I guess you got tired of seeing the missing hubcap. They look good and I will be getting with someone to pay for those this week.

I can’t leave this without thanking Hugo Navarette for picking us up at the airport in Lima and taking us to our hotel and then the next morning picking us up at the hotel and getting us back to the airport. I believe that he is going to be greatly used of God to bless the church where Ruben Efio is pastoring.

I also want to thank Jorge Reinaga for the coffee. What a ton of coffee and what a special gift and sacrifice. Thank you

I believe that tonight we will look at this question–Just how much should you respect the man of God!

I can’t wait to see you. Plan now to have a great time in the house of God.

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