Letter from the Pastor’s School in Peru

I received the following letter from one of the pastor’s in Peru and thought that I would share with you some of it–translated of course so that you might feel like the trip was worth while.

Hno. Guillermo, el congreso fue una bendicion, en especial las predicas de usted.
Brother Austin–the congress was a blessing and especially your messages

siempre esta diciendo si estamos enojados o no, pero porque? estar enojados si lo que dice es verdad?

you are always asking if we are mad or not but why? how can we be mad if what you are saying is the truth?

siempre dice si queremos tirarle piedras a usted, cuando nosotros mismos deberiamos coger esas piedras y tirarnos a nosotros mismos por idiotas y descuidados en el ministerio.
You are always saying that we want to throw rocks at you when we ourselves should pick up rocks and throw them at ourselves for being idiots and not caring for our ministries

hno. me motiva un monton, y bueno sigo adelante en el ministerio.
Brother it motivated me a whole lot (mountain) y well I will keep on going forward in the ministry

Bendiciones, salude a su esposa y digale gracias por la ropita del bebe, esta bien bonita.
Blessings, greetings to your wife and tell her thank you for the clothes for our baby that are so pretty


Edgar Galdos

Well I just thought that I would share a little bit of what God is doing with you as I travel around the world.

See you tonight and make plans for Sunday even now!

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