Wonderful day with the family

Well today has been much more relaxed as we spent time with our family. Chris, Andria, Jacob, Hannah, and Andrew Gardner plus Joy, Julio, Benjamin, and Lelia Soncco and Betty and I had a wonderful time. We had a wonderful lunch at one of our favorite restaurants here in Arequipa.

This morning we had the privilege of seeing some very old friends who were here in Arequipa visiting also. Hayward and Judy Duke were here and it was a great time of fellowship. They worked with us here in Arequipa several years ago and are great friends. It was really good to reconnect and I look forward to us getting together in the states some time soon.

I was also able to spend some time talking to a super fine young man that by now you know has impressed me, Benjamin Armstrong. God is going to really use the young man.

Yesterday evening we had the opportunity to visit with Tyler and Gretchen Masters–missionaries that Vision supports after the birth of their beautiful young daughter, Norah. By the way Norah means light in Arabic and that is exactly what they as a family want to be to all of north Africa.

This afternoon we took the kids to Mundo Magico or Magic World where we could play some games and ride some little kiddie rides. They had a blast. We then came back to the house and had “Christmas in October!” because that is when we are seeing the kids.

It is late now and we will be flying back home tomorrow. I can’t wait to see all of you and I can’t wait to preach on Thursday evening to some of the greatest people in the world.

Tomorrow morning I preach my last time before flying home. I will preach in the Bible College Chapel.

I have been so thrilled to see how God is blessing here. The churches are going great. The Bible College is in wonderful blessed shape though the value of the dollar is hurting them. Every time I preached the chapel or church where I preached was full.

What was even more amazing is that this is the first year that the churches had to pay one night for their entire bus fees and the other they got help. That was a first but it didn’t hurt the attendance.

Last night I preached at Lighthouse Baptist Church and it was jam packed. The beautiful thing was that 14 to 15 of them went out and to be counseled about salvation. I haven’t heard yet how many decisions were made but it was a wonderful night.

Now just a few hours and we will be flying home. Thank you for praying for us. Thank you for taking care of our church in my absence. I love Vision Baptist Church. I love our church and am so very proud of it.

By the way as a last comment I am so proud of our music. Philip you are wonderful. You are doing a great job with our music and our groups are as good as any I heard this week. I could never have said that a few months ago. Thank you guys.

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