9th Annual Pastor’s School

Well God has tremendously blessed this week! The work here is phenomenal. Some doubted as to what would happen to the work when Betty and I left Arequipa to return to the states and start Vision Baptist Church but I can promise you that God has poured it out on the ministry. Things are flying! The Bible College was full for each evening session. The day meetings were super attended with pastors from all over South America.

Chris and Julio did a wonderful job leading the event. Last night was the grand finale. John and Sandy Pearson received a very special gift mock up of the Bible College current and future construction.

Benjamin Armstrong was in charge of the audio and it was literally the best we have ever had in the auditorium.

I really appreciate the way Tyler Masters has helped take care of the visitors translating and caring them around for the different tours.

I still have to preach 4 more times on Sunday and then will have a couple of days to spend with our children and grandchildren just enjoying them and life.

Tuesday night Betty and I leave for Lima and fly back to the states on Wednesday. Thank you for the way that you have prayed for us and that you have done such a good job at the church.

I am excited about what is going to happen in the services tomorrow. The auditorium is really decorated up and Brother Tony is going to bring a powerful message from the word of God.

Mark Coffey’s ministry as a second man is really beginning to have an impact on others and allowing them to see that they can be greatly used of God in that position.

Last but by no means least is a congratulations to Pastor Derik Lawrence on the salvation of his daughter. God is go good to us by allowing us to be in the ministry and seeing our children accept Jesus and decide to serve the God of Heaven who has done so much in our lives.
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