Young men and women of God

They have been the focus of my ministry for a long time. I realized many years ago that I had to focus on finding young men and women who wanted real purpose in their life and loved the Lord Jesus Christ and to help them get the tools to get the job done.

This morning I will go once again to the pulpit to preach 3 times to many of them who I have had a part in teaching and training for over 20 years. God has used them to raise up many churches and literally thousands of people. Right now I continue to do the same thing but in the USA with the Our Generation Training Center. I know that God is going to allow us to see greater things than we ever saw here in Peru.

We have some tremendous young men and women right now preparing to go around the world. I am also always looking for new young men to do the work. I found one and pray that God allows us to spend a great deal of time together and to see him accomplish great things for God.

He is already doing that. With the guys they know that the magic age is 18 and by 25 they are getting old if they have not decided to just sell out and give it all to the Lord Jesus. Benjamin Armstrong is just that kind of guy. He is here helping Chris in the ministry. He is running, serving, helping, and doing a thousand things. What a servant! What a man of God! I have been thrilled to just have the privilege of sitting and talking with him.

His love for God shines all over his face. I want to ask you to pray for him and to go read his blog. With young men like him coming along you can mark it down–world evangelism is more than a possibility God is doing it.

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