Check out our singers!

I got an email from Trent telling me about their being pictures of our young people singing at an activity at Victory Baptist Church in Loganville. The activity was organized by Chad Gordon who is doing a tremendous job in the teen department of the church.

Our young people had the privilege of participating in an event planned by their church and were even invited to sing. Pastor Derik Lawrence is being greatly used in this church. Click here to see the pictures of our young people singing there.

I am so excited to see our young people wanting to serve God. I know that He is going to use them in a great way.

By the way guess what one of my major prayer requests is right now. I am asking God to give us a gray haired revolution in our church. I want to see God give us people older than me that want to serve Him, mentor our young people and do their part to carry the glory of God to the entire world.

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