Update from Peru!

Well I am sorry for being so far behind in the updates but I have been really busy. We arrived here on Tuesday and that evening I preached the first time. Then on Wednesday morning I preached at 9:45 AM and then taught two different classes to the pastors are 11 and 12. Then we had lunch with the pastors and I spoke to them again and answered questions.

Then on Wednesday night I preached at Faith Baptist Church to 298 people. On Tuesday night there were well over 1,000 people. Then on Thursday I preached once and taught 2 more classes tonight. Then this evening I preached at the Hunter church where we started out in 1988. They had 621 in attendance.

Needless to say I have been very busy. I thank God for the chance to spend time with our missionary and our son, Chris and see all that God is doing. We are also here with Tyler Masters as he prepares for the work in North Africa from the Spanish Enclave.

I have also been super impressed with an 18 year old young man that loves God and is working like a crazy man to further the cause of the Lord Jesus here in Peru. His name is Benjamin Armstrong. I want to challenge you to go and look at his blog and invite others to do the same.

There is still a lot to be done here and I am so very excited to be here. Betty and I are having a blast with our children and grandchildren.

John Pearson has now finished teaching all of his classes but they have been a real blessing to the people.

By the way a special thank you to Tony Howeth for all that he is doing at Vision, as well as Trent, Philip, Mark Tolson, and all the other students.

Hugh Watson has been very blessed and we have had a very enjoyable time with Hugo Navarette who now lives in Lima.
Mark Coffey has been a little cruel to Amy calling her to remind her of how much he is enjoying his time here in Peru where they used to live.

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