Well we are sitting in the Miami Airport on our way to Arequipa, Peru. I am excited to be able to return to Peru and see all of our friends and family but mostly to see all the work that God is doing there.

I have already been on the nextel with the guys there. It is really going to be a very special time and I really need your power. I do not have what it takes to bless them or help them and only He does. Will you hold me up in prayer please?

I got a call today from North Africa. Our friend there is praying that God will call some to go to Burkina Faso and Morocco. I can’t call people. God will have to use me and speak through me.

We will be leaving here at about 1:30 AM and arriving in Lima at about 6 AM then we leave Lima at about 10 AM and will be in Arequipa around 11:45. I hate all these nights without sleep. I am not afraid of the airplane I just hate being cooped up and do not do well trying to sleep in such a small seat. I know, I know–the seat isn’t that small I am that big but!

I have several prayer requests that I can’t tell you but God knows and you could sure help me if you would pray for some of my friends. One is a pastor and he loves God and has to make some major decisions. It would sure help if you would pray.

Also I have a praise. God is really using Travis Snode and is opening some major doors. I want to you go to his blog and read this article and then be sure and listen to the radio interview. It is wonderful.

Well I will be in touch maybe more than you would like–but keep praying for us

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