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David and Anne Lundy were not at their posts today because they were serving God in Mexico with their entire family. Isn’t it wonderful to have a Children’s Pastor with a great heart for world missions. You can keep up with what is going on with them by visiting the Faith Friends blog. They will not be back until this next Sunday evening. I ask you to be praying for them and the ministry that God has given them there.

Also be praying for Betty and me as we travel back to Peru. We will both be teaching and taking part in the International Pastors School. I will preach or teach in public services starting on Tuesday evening and by Friday night I will have preached or taught 13 times.

Several people from our church will be traveling to Peru with us: John and Sandy, Hugh, Mark, Brian and Carmen and us. We would really like to ask you to pray for us. I will be writing each day and letting you know what God is doing so you can better pray for us.

Now as to the ministry here on the home front. We really need you to step up and work with Brother Tony and Brother Trent. They will be holding down the fort. They will do a tremendous job as you well know. But with so many of us traveling we have to ask you all to step up and really help reach out to others with the gospel. You have to speak boldly about Jesus.

Please everyone be in their place even more than usual so that we will see great attendance even with several of us out of town.

We love you more than you could ever know and will trust that you will be praying for us. Invite someone to come and “Discover the Difference!”

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