God is so good!

Well today was one of our worse attended services in months. Tons of our people were traveling! Normally I would be very discouraged but God has been working greatly in my own life. I really appreciate it when He is moving and doing the work in my life. I thank Him so much.

The very message for today was that they prayed for boldness to speak in spite of the circumstances. Not one time did they ask for God to relieve the persecution or the hard times. They just wanted to do right. That really helped me today. We were super blessed. Though several of my Sunday School was out God sent news ones! Praise the Lord! We had 96 in Sunday School and 119 in the AM service.

We had the privilege of having Jim and Terri Mangus, Susan Walls and Mrs. Emily Forsyth. I know that probably doesn’t mean that much to you but Mrs. Emily was Paul Forsyth’s wife. He was my friend for many years and visited us in Peru 9 times. I had the privilege of being by him on his death bed. He is in Heaven now but I think of him all the time. I really appreciated him and all that God allowed us to do together. I love Mrs. Emily and all the Forsyth family so having all of them with us today was just very special.

I enjoyed preaching very much today and greatly love our Sunday School class. It is wonderful as we study how to express love to our partner now in our marriage.

I love the Word of God. I love preaching it. I love studying the Bible. I love our church. Wow God has been good to us.

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