The Situation is getting quite serious!

Well I want to make you aware of a very serious concern for our missionaries in Arequipa, Peru. Years ago under the current President, Alan Garcia, the dollar lost more than 50% of its value. It hurt us financially and hurt our ministry. The good thing was that it was our first term and there really wasn’t much ministry yet. So we were able to weather the storm pretty good.

This time it is very different. Chris and Andria are under tremendous pressure with all of the ministries that they have. The Bible College costs over $12,000 a month to operate each month. This does include the TV ministry and the printing ministry in that budget but it is what it costs to keep every thing running.

Over the last few weeks the dollar has lost over 15% of its value. That probably doesn’t sound like much until you put it into perspective. That means that on every hundred dollars you spend you have to add another $15 that wasn’t in the budget.

Now take a budget of $12,000 and when you convert that to the Peruvian money–soles you really only have $10,200 to spend. Somewhere something has to give. There are over 100 people who live and eat on the Bible College land.

A large international conference starts in less than a week. The costs are only exaggerated.

Needless to say our missionaries are suffering–Chris and Andria, Julio and Joy really need our prayers. I would like to ask those of you that are part of Vision to really remember them every day in prayer while they wait on God in this great crisis.

Chris was already planning on coming back in March to raise support but now things could get even worse. As we talked today the dollar dropped all the way to 2.9 in value.

Pray that some churches will help them by giving special offerings. Pray that some individuals will be touched and want to help. Pray that some more churches will take them on right away. Pray that God will give them strength.

Be sure and read Chris’ blog to keep up with what is going on.

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